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Natural Coral beads

In this category we offer various sizes and shapes of precious corals, often used by designers and artists to make exclusive jewelry. It is a natural, organic material obtained from limestone skeletons of corals that form famous coral reefs and shoals with dense, irregularly branched trunks.

Corals live in warm and hot seas. The largest colonies can be found along the shores of the Mediterranean, and the most valued are coral from Algerian coral. In the natural state, the pieces of coral are matte, and after being treated by polishing gain an attractive glassy gloss. After extraction, they are sorted based on the thickness and size of branches, colors and possible blemishes. Polished pieces of coral are most often spherical or round, using a smooth cabochon cut. Beads from coral are used to make fashionable necklaces and spectacular bracelets. The most valued is coral jewelry with a vivid red color. Pink and black corals are also used in goldsmiths, unique white corals from Japan and blue corals extracted in Cameroon.

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coral beads

Coral beads, red coral - the most perfect shape in nature

From pieces of natural coral cut to the perfect spherical shape, elegant coral jewelry is created. We present coral balls of various sizes and captivating shades of red. It is from them that coral beads are created, which are the ornament of a traditional Krakow costume. By juxtaposing them with elements of other, more fanciful forms and using semi-finished jewelry, you can create unique necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Ornaments from white coral balls look very original.

Delicate cubes with coral - material for original decorations

A separate category is made up of coral beads in the shape of cubes of varying sizes: from the smallest to the quite big ones. The geometrical simplicity of the red cuboids mitigated by a rounded cut, giving them a slightly rounded shape makes them a perfect material for designers and hobbyists who perform amateurish unique necklaces and coral beads. Small beads are also great for making bracelets, especially composed with pieces of more complicated and irregular shapes and with the use of jewelry ropes and wires from our offer.

Fantasy jewelry - claws, sticks, ovals

By creating corals, nature has given a real show of creativity. Carefully machined parts of marine organisms can take on a whole range of fanciful, irregular shapes. Smooth ovals inspire you to design elegant rings in which the natural eye is nobly set to enjoy the eye and delight. You can conjure true masterpieces from sticks, claws and tiny beads. Unique necklaces and coral beads are just one of the possibilities. We present here a wide range of coral elements with original shapes and colors: from classic red, through noble white, to unique shades of green and turquoise. It is great to use it with semi precious stones and jewelry findings