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Czech beads / double hole

Czech beads are known all over the world for equal, regular forms, strength and a wide selection of sizes, colors and shapes. Many enthusiasts of handmade jewelry think that glass beads from the Czech Republic are not inferior to those produced by the famous brands Miyuki and Toho from Japan. However, they have a significant advantage, which is the lower price.

Czech double glass beads stand out from most of the glass beads available on the market with one more unique feature. They have two holes. Thanks to this, the threading process is much simpler. Double hole beads are therefore recommended for all those who are just beginning to deal with beading.

In our offer you will find double hole beads in various colors, sizes and shapes. We sell beads in an unusual coco vih pattern, rounded piggy, as well as zorro elements in the shape of the letter "Z" left by a famous American hero in a black coat. If you like shiny elements, choose silky block and silky dia beads. They work well as elements of long, richly decorated earrings.

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