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Glass beads - bead shop. Glass beads wholesale.

Glass beads belong to the group of the most popular beads used while making jewellery. You can find anything for your jewelry all type of beads. We offer great prices, no custom house, door to door. Check now!

Glass is light and easy to use, that's why the possibilities of producing interesting beads patterns from this material are almost limitless.In our offer, there are glass beads made by famous producers such as Swarovski, Miyuki, Toho, and Preciosa as well as some beads made by less known companies. We offer a wide range of beads in many colours, shapes and sizes. In our shop, you will find glass beads in the shapes of bubbles (Bubble AB), beads imitating jades (Candy Jade beads, Crackle Jade beads), beads inspired by Venetian Glass (Lampwork), or beads with interesting cracks inside (Crackle Original). You can also find may Czech glass beads or japan glass beads. 

There are also some beads in fantastic shapes such as hearts, tears and stars. Glass beads are ideal for making extraordinary jewellery for any occasion. Regardless of your preference for small or big forms in jewellery, in our shop, you will find a lot of inspirations for creating something special. 

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glass beads

Glass beads for jewellery making

We sale thousand of beads from whole over world. You can buy czech beads, japan beads as toho beads, or Miyuki beads. We also sale cheap beads like crystal, jade beads or crackle beads. Our shop is one of the biggest shops selling in uk. We sale beads and beading supplies with retail and wholesale price. Glass beads you can buy in small bags or wholesale bags. 

Wholesale Glass Beads

We offer glass beads in retail bags or wholesale bags. You can have up to 30% discount. We ship door to door, no custom house and any problem in buying with our company.  In our sale we offer also Czech beads such as SuperDuo, Toho beads and Jewellery Findings for jewelry making.

Glass beads bracelets

You can easy make bracelets from glass beads, you just need a strand, or elastic wire you put beads on it and in the end you knot it. You can choose your color f.e clear glass bead you can join it with sterling silver or with Swarovski crystals

We sale:

- glass beads , Czech beads,  Semi precious beads and gemstones, Jewellery findings, Swarovski Crystals, Stringing materials, Plastic beads, wooden beads

Beads in many shapes and colors

Thanks to the glass beads, you can return for a moment to high school times, when everyone wanted to stand out, and you could do it primarily through clothing and accessories. Tiny glass beads will help you conjure up a very impressive long necklace, which can be put on so that it cascades down from the neck downwards. The necklace can be made of beads in several colors. Such jewelry will perfectly harmonize with boho or hippie style outfits, and the effect of distinction from the crowd is guaranteed. Beads in the form of leaves or hearts is a very good idea for an unusual and colorful bracelet. In the category of glass beads are also very beautiful and absolutely unique millefiori beads or fancy lampwork beads. Jewelry made of beads of this type is one of a kind. Very popular beads are small beads, which can be bought as original Toho beads, or cheaper Chinese beads.

Glass beads - the magic of making jewelry

Glass beads are fun for anyone who wants to spend their free time in a creative way. It is also a great idea to pay attention to children and play together. The effects of work come quickly and please the eye, and immediately improve the mood. Creating jewelry is a real magic that comes alive in the glow of colorful glass beads. To make a very simple bracelet, just a few selected beads and a jewelry base, such as a jewelry strap or a flexible rope. Bracelet consisting of alternating beads in the form of balls and cubes, is an interesting addition to virtually any outfit. With polished balls on the other hand, you can make jewelry in a disco style. The necklace and earrings from these balls will match the original shiny dress and high heels.

Glass beads wholesale

In our offer you will find glass beads in retail and wholesale. We offer small packages, but also sale on beads. Thanks to that, prices are much better, and in our offer you will find an interesting rebate system on the turnover and size of the order.

Glass beads faceted

If you are looking for faceted beads, you've come to the right place, we sell all kinds of polished beads, in the shape of crystals, or cut 36 walls or 96 walls.

Transparent glass beads

In our jewelry store you can buy many types and colors of beads. One of the most popular is the transparent color, all you need to do is set the right filter on the left to find your favorite products in a suitable color, eg transparent.