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Jewellery Packaging and Boxes

Jewellery packaging and Boxes are popular accessories. Jewelry is a perfect gift for women of all ages. In addition, every occasion is good to give a loved one a nice eye, a jewel of love. For jewelry to look really fantastic, it is worth thinking about a certain important element.

It's about jewelry packaging, which will make the gift look beautiful. Such packaging does not have to be temporary - it can be used to store jewelery in perfect order. Stacked jewelry is a guarantee that you will be able to quickly find in the drawer or chest what you need most at the moment. The category of jewelry packaging contains products that will not only keep order among finished necklaces or earrings, but will also contain beads, semi-finished jewelery and ... ideas for new decorations. It's good to get them before you start working. Organizing beads, eg with colors, types or shapes, will help you control the resulting jewelry, and will also greatly simplify the work on each design.

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jewellery packaging

Jewellery packaging, Organza bags and jewellery boxes

Jewelry packaging can be divided into two groups. One of them is decorative packaging, intended primarily for packing a jewel present. It's about semi-transparent organza pouch that closes, pulling the ribbon. They are decorative, elegant and aesthetic packaging. You can safely hide in their rustling interior a necklace or bracelet made of eg wooden beads or glass beads. There are many different pouches to choose from: stars, hearts, plain or opaque. Pouches eg in golden color can contain jewelry in which the golden color predominates; silver pouches - silver jewelry. Thanks to this, you can have all necklaces and bracelets under control. Plastic boxes are an ideal solution for storing beads, jewelry blanks and tools for making jewelry. Partitions will allow you to separate beads from different patterns and colors. In this way, everything will always be at hand and in perfect order. The cassettes are extremely durable, and tightly closed they protect their contents very well.

Project organizer, or how to organize ideas

Our Jewelry packaging is a category in which there are also plastic jewelery organizers. They have special grooves in which you can place beads - in this way maneuvering with beads is easy, you can arrange them freely, change the order, choose shapes and colors. You can place spare beads in the box-like hollows and incorporate them into the design. Thanks to this project, for example, a necklace or bracelet, it can be modified at any stage of creation. The project organizer is a very light and functional item, and working with it is a real pleasure and the ability to empathize with the role of a jewelry designer.