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Leather cord and stringing material

Leather cord and material cord play a key role in making handmade jewellery. If you are bored with traditional silver chains or chains made of other traditional materials, maybe it's high time you bought leather cord. Leather string are great for creating interesting decorations and jewellery. They are usually used for making bracelets. If you would like to prepare a new, fancy bracelet as quickly as possible, it suffices to combine a part of a thin jewellery strap with a colourful charm. Do you prefer more sophisticated design? Use a few strings in different colours!

In our offer, you will find many kinds of leather cords and material strings. We sell straps made of cowhide and artificial leather, material straps and braided straps. In our shop, there are smooth cord, flat cord and the elements from the material snake skin effect. Our jewellery products are available in many colours and sizes from very thin (ideal for fine necklaces and subtle earrings) to the ones measuring 14mm.

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leather cord

In our bead shop we offer leather cord for creating bracelet, necklaces. We sale in retail bags or in bulk with wholesale prices. We have plenty different colours, sizes. Leather string is very popular material usually you need to buy some jewellery findings especially some ends to create closure for bracelet or necklace. 

Leather cord - bracelets with pendants and necklaces

The jewelry strap in the form of a string gives endless possibilities of creating unique jewelry. An example can be bracelets. Just a few different straps decorate with delicate, small pendants and fasten the whole with silver finishes in the form of a wide slat. The bracelet, although full of small things, will give the impression of "chaos under control". However, the turkish bracelets are not everything, because the necklaces with straps also look very nice. Two or three straps are enough to create a modest, but extremely sophisticated, decoration. You should put on thongs, for example, a few wooden beads or natural pearls and we have a ready-made design of a necklace or bracelet made of natural materials. You have to fix them so that they do not change their position. It is enough for 3-4 beads for one strap. As a result, the necklace obtained will be an addition, both to the dress and to the white blouse. Delicate pearls, beads and pendants will also work in the case of a braided strap bracelet. Jewelry jewellery can form the base of a necklace. This type of decoration should be placed close to the neck to display, for example, a polished decorative stone in the form of a pendant.

Earrings with leather cord and thick bracelets

Bracelets are a category in which flat leather strings are placed. You can make a bracelet that is about 10 cm wide, place a bead or pendant on each string, and the whole is joined by a wide buckle. Flat jewelry straps are perfect for making long earrings. Just at the top close a few strings of the same length (they can be in the same colors or different) with a special jewelry blank for earrings to get earrings in the ethno style. They will fit well with summer clothes with leather elements.