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Matubo® beads - Czech glass beads

Matubo beads are well-known elements in the world of handmade jewellery and beading. Matubo is one of the most popular producers of glass beads from the Czech Republic. Its products are regular, easy to use and pretty.

Matubo products are divided into categories on the basis of their size, shape and a number of holes. The most popular Matubo beads are Matubo SuperDuo. They have two holes, which is rather uncommon among beads of other companies. Having two holes is the identification mark of this brand. It makes work with the beads much easier! The other popular types of Matubo beads are Matubo SuperUno (with one hole), Rulla (in cylindrical shape) and Matubo Wheel (in the shape of wheels). All of them are available in our shop. Light colours like aquamarin, light green, white or even transparent are ideal for making subtle jewellery for everyday use. If you prefer more expressive look, you can choose Matubo beads with special effects such as iris, luster coating and pearl shine. For people who want to distinguish themselves, in our shop, you will find some beads in neon colours! 

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Matubo beads

Matubo beads are very popular Czech glass beads, usually with two holes such as: Superduo beads. We sale Matubo in wholesale and retail bags. Our prices for bulk prices are great, please check our offer in bead shop.

Double hole beads - ideas for beautiful jewelry

There are many ways to create unique beads jewelry. Twin beads are characterized by the fact that they are oval, slightly convex and have two holes, placed one above the other. This gives many possibilities to arrange these beads both flat and vertical, so you can achieve unprecedented results. For example, flat elements of jewelry, such as earrings or necklaces. But with this type of beads you can also make eye-catching brooches with shapes of flowers or animals. Butterfly, a flower with petals that resemble a natural black and white kitten or any other motif is a great decoration for a little girl. Brooches in this style will work well in loose casual style.

Superduo beads - brilliant bracelets and unique earrings

Thanks to the superduo beads, you can create really beautiful and elegant jewelry. These beads look great in spatial, ball-shaped earrings. They can be combined with each other to obtain an element of jewelry in many colors, or in such a way as to create elegant and subdued trinkets that match a serious creation or outfit for work. Superduo beads can also be used in bracelets. By using them, for example, you can create a compact weave in one or several colors. Then a bracelet will look like a metal strap from the watch. You can also build superduo with geometric elements, separating them from each other with larger beads of other shapes. Also with these beads, it is possible to create flat flower elements and incorporate them into the resulting bracelet. Such jewelry is a great gift idea. It is elegant, timeless and very effective. Bracelets made of this type of beads will please their owner for many years.