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Miyuki® beads

Miyuki beads belong to the most popular seed beads in the world of beading. Seed beads are the smallest glass beads used in making jewellery. Definitely, the most popular is Miyuki size 11/0. Thanks to their size, Miyuki beads are used in subtle and sophisticated bracelets, earrings and necklaces. A wide choice of colours and colour effects allows creating fancy and unique decorations. These seed beads can be successfully combined with beads made of other materials gemstones, ready-made charms or sterling silver jewellery findings. The only limit is your imagination!

Miyuki is the Japanese brand, which is famous for regularity, beautiful colours and high quality of its beads. Many people interested in handmade jewellery use only beads made by Miyuki. Beading is a hobby that demands precision and manual skills but your work with beads can be much easier. Then, you need to have good accessories. That's why, in our shop, you will find Miyuki needles and spools which are ideal for Miyuki beads.

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Miyuki® beads

Miyuki beads are one of the finest Japanese seed beads. They are perfect in shape and color. All beads are exactly the same. One of the most popular beads are Miyuki Delica beads. We sale them in retail or bulk bags. Our wholesale price are the best, please check our bead shop. 

Miyuki® beads - Japanese perfection

Miyuki Delica are the most popular Miyuki beads. They are characterized by cutting Delica, which beautifully reflects the light. These glass beads are available in hundreds of colors and covers. Delica beads are available, among others in transparent, opaque, inside dyed and many more.

Nicy Miyuki threads - Japanese nylon threads

Miyuki nylon threads perfectly match the handmade work using Miyuki Delica beads. Regardless of whether you just thread beads on a thread, or create complicated patterns on a loom, they will work great when creating handmade jewelry.

japanese miyuki beads

Miyuki® beads as valued by the creators of handmade jewelry all over the world, elements of the work, are famous for their high quality, precision workmanship and flat form. Miyuki® beads - Japanese beads Delica Miyuki is a collection of small beads with a cylindrical shape, proportional to the size of the element, a large hole.

Famous, Japanese beads, available in an extremely wide range of colors, allowing you to create unique and diverse work, are perfect for creating bracelets and earrings. Small beads are suitable for beading, which is the easiest way of determining beading with a needle, crochet, loom or disk. Their perfectly conforming shapes together give the impression of smoothness of form, uniformity and delicacy.

Beads Miyuki® is a classic product for creating unique decorations that allows you to create individual jewelry patterns from jewellery findings. Buy the cheapest beads and enjoy the opportunity to compose unique designs that will fit into the perfect shape of handmade jewelry. It is great to use Miyuki with a semi-precious stones or glass beads.