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Miyuki Drop beads

Miyuki drop beads are glass beads of the highest quality, in the shape of droplets. They have a delicate, semicircular shape. These Japanese beads are an ideal beading material for everyone. Their size is 3.4 mm, and the diameter of the hole is 0.8mm. They are available in packages of 1000 or 5000 pieces on sale.

Beads of this type are available in many colors: ab jet, bright sterling plated, crystal helliotrope and crystal marea. Drop beads can be beautifully combined with round beads 6/0 and create incredibly interesting bracelets. Miyuki drop also form a duo with silver semi-finished products. In this way, you can create amazing patterns of jewelry, which looks brilliant on your hand as an addition to elegant or everyday creations. Miyuki bracelet is an ideal option to give someone a handmade gift. A great gift for a friend, sister or other close person.

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Miyuki Drop

These are beautiful fine beads straight from Japan, their shape allows you to create interesting bracelets, handicrafts in which we use beading or needle and thread technique. Miyuki Drop beads with a diameter of 3.4 mm provide a beautiful, fine drop shape, ideal for shuffling balls. Thanks to the diversity of great colors, you will love Miyuki drops in hundreds of different designs.