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Miyuki Spacer beads 3x1.3mm

If you dream about unique jewelry, you have a lot of free time and need a new passion, reach for Miyuki Spacer beads and start your adventure with a unique Japanese form of creating beautiful decorations. They are small beads with a perfect shape and color. They diverge slightly in shape from ordinary Miyuki Round beads, more like spacers and washers.

Miyuki Spacer beads are characterized by neutral, subdued colors. Thanks to them, you can create jewelry for work, for a gala dinner or for a family dinner. We can choose from a pearly shade going into classic white, two tones of gold striking subtly in yellow, silver with elements of gray, dark brown and classic black. Beads are made of high quality glass, so there is no fear that your work will quickly destroy. On the contrary, using Miyuki beads and semi-finished products for jewelry, you will enjoy hand-made products for a long time. beads

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Miyuki Spacer

Miyuki Spacers beads have the shape of a flat disc and are ideally suited for beads, the shape is very similar to Demi Round beads. The walk is small, the diameter of their hole is 1.3 mm. This makes the jewelry created from them is original, and the patterns are arranged with the help of precise color combinations. You can combine Miyuki beads and porcelain and glass beads to create an ideal bracelet. To work!