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Natural beads for jewellery making

We offer many natural beads. You can check our semi precious stone category, or here you can buy wooden beads, mother of pearls, coral, shells. We sale in retail bags or wholesale bulk bags. You have a huge range of beads, shapes, colours. 

The category of natural beads is a rich and diverse range, in which there are elements such as beads from coral and mother of pearl, wooden beads and made of coconut shells, as well as shells and natural pearls. These beads give you unlimited ability to create unique and unique jewelry with a natural character. The variety of shapes and colors allows you to create ornaments of various types, which, through the use of jewellery findings, become durable jewelry for years. Wooden beads and coconut shell beads are in line with the natural ecological trend associated with ethnic jewelry. Natural corals resemble seashells, pearls, and distant and exotic countries. Colorful pearls help create a subtle, very feminine jewelry.

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natural beads

Natural beads - a way to look impressive

Nature gives a lot of inspiration, encouraging you to create your own unique jewelry. Thanks to natural beads, you can easily achieve eye-catching effect. Each group of beads deserves attention. Shells are unique elements that allow you to create an exotic bracelet. Spiral shells, gimlets or oblong shells will serve as pendants or the most exposed parts of the necklace. Small colorful shells can be mixed together to form a rainbow bracelet. Natural beads are an idea for woven into everyday stylization of ethnic accents. Flat round beads and one larger in the shape of a leaf or heart is a perfect idea for a long necklace, which will look great, for example with a bright summer dress. You can also create light earrings from coconut elements.

Beads and beads from coral - a new classic

Natural beads will allow you to create jewelry that draws you from nature directly. Beads made of coral are classic in themselves - they were once very fashionable, they are coming back to grace today. For example, chilli peppers in combination with flat beads in the form of a coin will make a necklace with a slightly predatory character. Natural pearls - small, colorful and shiny are an idea for a set of necklace plus a bracelet in a disco style. The colors can be freely combined to create a distinctive and full of flavor composition. Nuggets of pearl with irregular edges is a perfect material for jewelry, which is to keep its natural, undisturbed form. They will fit both the evening dress and the outfit from natural fabrics.

Unprecedented variety, characterizing natural beads, allows you to create natural, ecological and ethnic jewelry by yourself. Exceptionally fashionable nowadays handmade ornaments, made of natural materials, form an individual base, creating a unique style.

Natural beads, occurring in many dimensions, shapes and colors, determine the great freedom of the concept in the creation of jewelry. Handmade products made of natural beads are above all uniqueness and durability. The bracelet or pendant, which were made of beads, attract the eye.

Natural beads are available in a diverse range of beads from:


mother of pearls,

coconut shells and

wooden beads,

natural pearls,


A large selection of jewellery findings products for making jewelery creates unlimited possibilities of creating unique decorations that, thanks to their high quality, characteristic hand-made, precision and uniqueness, create a lot of competition for mass-produced jewelery. Jewelry from natural beads is definitely more interesting. In our shop you also find semi-precious stones, most of them are made of real natural stone.