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Natural Freshwater pearls

Elegant natural pearls. For people who value remarkable beads for making jewelery, we offer a wide selection of the highest quality freshwater cultured pearls. Most of the beads are similar in shape to small beads, but in the assortment we also have pear-shaped or slightly flattened pearls. Available products have not been cut, thanks to which they reach you exactly in the form in which nature created them. Natural freshwater pearls are grown mainly in waters that meet strictly defined requirements and are adapted to live in different kinds of mussels. Most often these pearls come from Chinese, Mongolian, Russian and Canadian rivers, as well as lakes located in North and South America. Pearls differ in their colors, and thanks to the small size they are perfect for creating all kinds of jewelry, such as earrings, necklaces or rings. With the addition of freshwater pearls, you can also design bracelets and pendants.

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natural pearls

Cultured pearls - natural pearls for making jewelry

One of the basic criteria for the division of pearls is their origin. There is a distinction between freshwater and saltwater cultured pearls, which are formed by pearliferous molluscs. It should be emphasized that breeding pearls are real pearls, which should not be confused with plastic pearls, which are also in our offer. Saltwater pearls are sourced mainly from French Polynesia and the Southern Seas, while freshwater pearls mostly come from China, Japan and the USA. Their characteristic feature is specific color and original shapes, usually slightly flattened or oval. Obtaining perfectly round pearls is virtually impossible. The sizes of freshwater pearls are quite diverse, but most often they are products with a size of 5-6 mm. One mussel is able to produce about a dozen or so pearls, thanks to which these products are characterized by affordability and belong to one of the most frequently used products for the production of jewelery around the world. Our offer also includes other pearls and natural beads, including beads of nacre and coral beads.

Application and value of breeding pearls

Freshwater cultured pearls belong to the group of the most valuable precious stones, which are characterized by a beautiful gloss and require practically no treatment. Most gems are used to make jewelry: necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and many other decorations. When planning to design jewelry yourself, it is worth paying attention to pearls sold in sets of several pieces. Thanks to this, you can receive products with identical colors. In the case of the creation of necklaces or bracelets, an important element is the degree of fit of individual specimens. Natural freshwater pearls rarely appear in a perfectly round shape, but thanks to the improvement of breeding techniques, they are more and more often matched with valued sea pearls, thanks to which they constitute almost perfect semi-finished products for making all kinds of jewelry.