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Porcelain beads and ceramic beads

Porcelain beads are made from white ceramic mass, which is the noblest ceramic material. That's why phrases ''porcelain beads'' and ''ceramic beads'' are used interchangeably. Although porcelain is usually known as the material for elegant tableware, it's also used for creating jewellery. Porcelain beads belong to the most diversified elements among jewellery materials.

They are produced in many colours as well as in many shapes. In our offer, you will find glossy beads in the shapes of balls, squares, bricks but also in the form of teardrops and flowers. We recommend porcelain beads in the shapes of figurines such as angels, ladybirds, cats and butterflies. If you are going to make some jewellery for a little girl, you will certainly find something interesting on the webpage of figurines. A bracelet from ladybirds or dolphins will bring her a lot of joy! Because of interesting and unique design, porcelain beads will help you in distinguishing yourself and creating the jewellery, unable to find in any shop!   


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porcelain beads

Our bead shop offer a great range of porcelain and ceramic beads. We sale in bulk bags with wholesale prices, but also we sale for hobbyist in smaller retail bags. You can choose mottled porcelain beads, or more traditional white ceramic. Everything depends what kind of jewellery you are making. 

Porcelain beads - unique shapes and colors

Porcelain beads are a wide range of products for self-made jewelry, in which you can find many interesting shapes as porcelain figurines. Among them are, for example, bird-shaped beads (owls, toucans), colorful fish and kittens, pigs, butterflies, frogs and ladybugs, as well as shoe-shaped beads. However, this is not all. This category also includes beads depicting an island with a stain, a deck of cards or vegetables. The palette of porcelain beads is complemented by models with traditional shapes (cubes, balls), flat beads, tears, porcelain beads, barrels, bricks or batters. You can choose from many attractive colors that can be mixed and semi-finished jewelery - thanks to them you can easily put beads, for example, on a wire and close with a durable clasp.

Colorful bracelets and delicate earrings

Porcelain beads are a mine of inspiration and good ideas. A large number of patterns and colors of porcelain beads allows you to create a very sophisticated and unusual jewelry. For summer stylization you can create a beautiful bracelet with beads in the shape of toucans and uninhabited islands. Such a bracelet will fit, for example, into an airy dress. With beads you can make a whole set of jewelry, consistent in terms of shapes or colors. Delicate porcelain earrings, eg in the shape of a teardrop or small balls, will perfectly harmonize with a necklace made of balls of the same color. For this bracelet and a timeless set for different occasions is ready. The colors of beads can be mixed, thus creating unique combinations. You can create a string of corals that matches one chosen dress or blouse. All you need to do is to match the matching links and jewelry wires that are also in our offer. The possibility is also given only to beads intended for the individual creation of jewelry.

Porcelain beads

Porcelain beads are lovely tiny wonders that can be transformed into small, shimmering works of art using a line or strings and a bit of imagination. Porcelain beads are extremely charming semi-finished products for jewelry. They are suitable for making bracelets, necklaces, earrings, as well as for decorating handbags, clothing or making brooches. Some porcelain amateurs, they even make handmade rosaries. Porcelain beads are available in countless colors, sizes and shapes, which allows you to create anything you want. These practical semi-finished products for jewelry are in round, oval, oblong and flat shape. A wide range of choices is also a big plus when we signed up for the DIY "do it yourself" course - which is simply "do it yourself".

Subject experts know that porcelain jewelry is often expensive. So when buying jewelry in the form of jewellery findings, we have a guarantee that we have obtained our dream porcelain beads at the cheapest price.