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porcelain beads / shining

Porcelain has been used for ornamental purposes for centuries. It is no wonder that it was also used when creating handmade jewelry . Porcelain beads are available in many colors, sizes and shapes, which allows you to create numerous interesting works with their use.

Particularly noteworthy are shiny porcelain beads . The special coating that is responsible for gloss also increases the intensity of the colors of the beads. Elements covered with it become smooth and pleasant to the touch.

Among the shiny porcelain beads you will find many shapes, both simple (such as bricks, cubes, balls and battens), as well as more fanciful (such as flowers and tears).

Shiny porcelain beads do not belong to small elements. The smallest available in our offer are 12 mm, but you will also find 16 x 36 mm. However, if you like large forms in jewelry, you will create many amazing designs of earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

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Porcelain beads are a great way to fill your free time. In this category there are various beads, thanks to which you can conjure up beautiful jewelery items. Both the creation process and the end result will give joy to a little girl and an adult lady. Beads from this group are mainly different shapes and colors - you can make eye-catching bracelets, earrings or necklaces. Hand-made jewelry is a great job for every person who, apart from everyday duties, would like to develop his passions and talents. Various shapes of beads from a wide range of porcelain beads will allow you to develop your imagination and manual skills. Dedicated time will pay in the form of absolutely unique jewelry. The variety of beads makes the ornaments made will be one of a kind. However, doing something for yourself, for example, a loved one, will be a unique gift. Porcelain beads will help create a gift for a birthday or an important anniversary, and the joy of such a gift will always be huge.