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Preciosa® beads - Czech beads

Preciosa beads are ideal for your jewellery making. They are very durable, even and comfortable to use. They are also relatively cheap, so for a small amount you can collect a lot of beads, from which you can create beautiful earrings, bracelets, necklaces or soutache ornaments. Preciosa beads are perfect for creating handmade jewelry.

Preciosa beads contain many varieties: Candy beads, Chilli, PIP and Preciosa rocaille beads. The most popular are definitely the latter. Small beads Rocaille in size and appearance resemble Japanese beads Miyuki and Toho, but they are cheaper than them. Candy beads are in turn much larger (8 mm) elements resembling the appearance of buttons, and Chilli and PIP have an oblong shape.

If you are just starting your adventure with jewelry and you have no idea how to match different colors and shapes of beads, we suggest ready sets of beads and mixes. In each set there are Preciosa beads that perfectly match each other in color. We sell beads in large, wholesale packaging and smaller, retail packs.

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Preciosa® beads

Preciosa rocailles beads, Preciosa beads for embroidery and more

Do you know what handmade products are? The world of beautiful jewelry tempts customers with exhibitions full of expensive jewels, because of prices that are often inaccessible to many ordinary people. However, you can contrast products of professional jewelers and artists with products that are out of hand. Those that will be the result of an individual sense of beauty and your own unlimited imagination. Our store offers semi-finished products for making jewelry, among which one of the most important places belongs to the Preciosa beads. The Czech Preciosa beads are small, but the diversity of their shapes will be appreciated by every jewelery maker. Beads are a grateful material for them, because they form the basis for making spectacular necklaces, bracelets or rings. A bracelet made of Preciosa beads can decorate the wrist of a delighted child, but it will certainly appeal to adults. These most famous Czech beads are characterized by high durability, high quality workmanship and convenience in use. An important advantage is also their low price. All this makes them a very popular intermediate. Among the beads of this brand we have, among others, beads Candy, Chilli, PIP and beads "Preciosa" rocaille.

Czech Preciosa beads

Glass beads, with various degrees of transparency, as well as in any available colors, can be a valuable decoration when we combine them with a string, a strap or a chain. Semi-finished products for jewelry give endless possibilities of creating jewelry for yourself or for a gift for a loved one. You can find the cheapest beads, so do not hesitate and try your hand at creating your own works of art. An ingenious DIY will give you greater satisfaction than a ready-made decoration bought in a store. Beaded bracelets can be made using your own idea or the appearance of ancient jewels on well-known works of art. Combine glass beads with silver blanks to achieve your artistic goal.

Have fun with Preciosa beads with earwires and links. There are pins, clamping balls and many semi-finished products for jewelry - perfect accessories for hand-made jewelery. Thanks to it, every woman can feel not only beautiful, but also intelligent and creative. Do we have to get rid of the common material from which the beads are made? Well, no. In ancient Egypt, without complexes, precious metals and expensive stones with glass and even ceramic balls were combined in jewelry. The raw material was less than the quality and aesthetics of workmanship. Is not this a great inspiration?

Where to buy Preciosa beads? Wholesale and retail sale

You can buy Preciosa beads in our store in retail and wholesale packs, including 20g, 50g or 250g packs. Please check our bead shop.