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Sequins for jewelry mkaning

Colorful sequins of the best quality. Decorative sequins is a very extensive category consisting of extraordinary beads that will find many uses. Sequins are associated primarily with elements decorating clothing or accessories, but they can also be used as beads to create surprising jewelry.

These sequins are thicker than those sewn onto clothes, they are also characterized by interesting shapes and high quality of workmanship (they are very carefully cut). With sequins you can make delicate jewelry, as well as slightly feisty, in a disco style. These beads will enliven any set of clothes and will suit every woman, regardless of age. Jewelry made of sequins will reflect the light, thanks to which it will brighten the face of the person wearing the sequins. In addition, for example, small sequin earrings can be suitable jewelry for a school-age girl - you can do them yourself, using jewellery fingings or ask for help from mum. Sequined beads allow you to let your imagination run wild and create jewelry full of positive energy, amazing colors and fantastic combinations. Our offer includes, among others, laser sequins and cream-rainbow ones.


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Sequins - trendy fashion jewelry

Sequins and beads can be used in various ways. In this category there are elements that are created for you to make beautiful and eye-catching earrings. Sequin models such as tears, leaves, large circles, sequins - teeth, rectangles or stars will be ideal for this. Skilfully using jewelery blanks, such as silver earwires, you can conjure cascade earrings, consisting of several elements arranged one above the other or suspended parallel to each other. In this way, you can combine different colors, such as red with green or yellow with blue. This jewelry is perfect, for example, for a crazy night at the club or a home party.

Sequins - beads for all occasions

Earrings are not the only possibilities that sequins give. Our sequin store offers elements that can form the basis of a unique bracelet. What is needed? Durable string or jewelery thread in any color, sequins that can be combined with each other "flat" and knowledge of the basic nodes. In this way, bracelets will be made, for example, from circles or squares, rectangles (models with holes on both sides) or from leaflets. On the other hand, elements such as teeth can be a hanging link of a bracelet. The necklace made of these elements can correspond in terms of colors and shapes of sequins with earrings and a bracelet. Cream-rainbow decorative sequins will allow you to make jewelry that will be beautifully combined with summer stylizations. These beads are characterized by beautiful colors and a shiny surface. They will be used to make feminine, sweet and delicate jewelry, perfect for an afternoon coffee break.