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Miyuki® Beading Thread

Miyuki is the Japanese brand well known in the world of beading not only for beads but also for additional accessories such as needles and spools. These accessories have the reputation as good as Miyuki beads.

Beading is an interesting, creative hobby for people with high manual skills, but it isn't too easy at the beginning. In order to simplify work with beads, it's recommended to buy the best needles and spools. They are really worth investing. If you don't know which accessories to choose, decide on the most famous brands such as Miyuki. Miyuki spools are made of nylon. They don't fray and are easy to use. Miyuki spools are guaranteed to fit other products of this company such as beads. In our bead shop, you will find spools in many different colours, in order not to distinguish threads from the whole piece of jewellery. There are amethystine, white, baby blue, brown, black, red and many other colours of Miyuki beading thread pools. With Miyuki spools, beading is much easier and gives a lot of fun!

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Miyuki Beading Thread

In our bead shop we offer Miyuki needle set and Miyuki beading thread. You can use them for beading with Miyuki beads or Toho beads. We sale on spools in retail prices or wholesale prices. You can buy in bulk bags.