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Swarovski crystals

Swarovski crystals are elements commonly used for decoration. They are especially popular in handmade jewellery. Their shine and beautiful colours make Swarovski beads irreplaceable when we are going to make jewellery that looks elegant and luxurious. A wide range of colours, shapes and sizes of Swarovski elements helps to create something completely unique. In our shop, you will find a lot of Swarovski crystals ideal for your handmade projects. There are small crystals measuring 4mm good for subtle earrings as well as elements measuring 14mm perfectly matching for bigger necklaces. The number of shapes can boggle your mind. There are beads in the simple forms of aquiline, briolette, cube, oval, teardrop as well as more sophisticated forms as elongated bicone, chessboard and butterfly. In our shop, you can buy Swarovski crystals with interesting visual effects like graphic, helix or twist. However, the most popular effect is aurora borealis typical for Swarovski. There are also many colours: white, silver shade, dark indigo, black and many other hues. You can buy Swarovski elements in both retail and wholesale packets.


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SWAROVSKI® crystals

Do you know that the most popular Swarovski crystal is Swarovski bicone color crystal AB? You can use it for the jewellery making, cloth making. You can make bracelet, earrings, necklace. In our bead shop we offer wholesale and retail sale, you can buy in bulk bags, or factory bags. Have a great fun with Swarovski beads

Swarovski beads - beauty and elegance

Swarovski crystals is a category where you can find a lot of interesting elements for creating jewelry. Flat oval beads are ideally suited to making a gorgeous necklace. They will be great for a suit and white shirt blouse, and will also decorate a smooth summer fitted dress. Diamond shaped beads are an absolute hit. You can make long earrings that will reflect the light beautifully. Swarovski beads in strong colors is a great material for making jewelry sets for the summer. Beads in a pink color combined with turquoise beads, broken with black lumps is a necklace that everyone will pay attention to. Naturally, it can be combined with Swarovski pendants, which we also have on offer. With beads in muted colors (brown, navy blue, red) you can make everyday jewelry, which in an extremely subtle way will revive ordinary clothes. Jewelry made of Swarovski beads is durable and fashionable at any time of the year.

Swarovski crystals for earrings and interesting bracelets

Swarovski beads are perfect for making bracelets. Using elastic cords you can create a bracelet that easily fits the wrist circumference. Bracelets in the shape of cubes or butterflies are perfect for bracelets. The latter will make delicate, feminine and subtle jewelry. Swarovski crystals are also a great material for extravagant earrings. Swarovski stones in the form of a tear or a large drop are the best for this role. Using jewelery findings you can make earrings with several beads, hung on several wires. You can also combine semi-precious stones with Swarovski Elements to make beautiful jewellery. Such earrings will complete the stylization for an evening out to the club or for a party with friends.