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Synthetic beads - plastic beads

If you need cheap beads in bulk bags you are in right bead shop. We offer synthetic beads, plastic beads and much more products for jewellery making. You can join them with jewellery findings and make beautiful but cheap bracelet or necklace. 

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Plastic beads, acryl beads pendants - an amazing colorful world.

Synthetic corals made of fimo material are primarily characterized by floral patterns. Our offer includes fimo beads in the form of balls or flat models that are great for creating bracelets. Fimo beads will be used to make ethnic, energetic jewelry, full of positive emotions. Beads of this type differ from each other, because the mass is arranged differently. However, this is an undoubted advantage, because the jewelry from these beads will be unique. Plastic beads coated with veins of golden color will make it possible to make an elegant evening set of jewelry. Resin beads in a red color, for example in the form of balls, will conjure up a necklace reminiscent of children's games with rowanberry, which in the art lessons once made beads and bracelets.

Synthetic beads Colorful sparkles for every time of the day

Shamballa beads are beautiful trinkets, whose uneven decorative surface brilliantly refracts light. You can create an expressive and full of unique charm with a super feminine jewelry for the evening out. Synthetic pearls successfully replace real pearls and will be beautifully presented in combination with elegant everyday outfits. Plastic teardrop beads are good beads for making earrings. Thanks to the large number of colors, colors can be combined with each other on the basis of contrast, thus creating a lush model of jewelry, perfect for a holiday trip. Colorful beads entwined with plastic mass is something for fans of the "boho" style. They will perfectly harmonize with airy dresses. Plastic silver pendants (stars, dragonflies, butterflies, hearts) can be used when making a bracelet consisting of many elements, such as modular beads.

Variety of colors and shapes - plastic beads create unlimited possibilities of creating jewelry, suitable both for special occasions and every day. Made of plastic beads of various shapes, from balls, through tears, to flat and irregular elements, like silver imitation pendants, they look great in the form of necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

Their unprecedented lightness allows you to create jewelry, consisting of several layers of beads, like long necklaces, braided several times. Plastic beads are available in an extremely wide range of shapes and colors. Fimo beads with a floral motif, available in a round or flat shape, are presented uniquely. Resin beads in a shade of red, perfectly imitate rowan, allowing you to create ethnic jewelry. Shamballa beads, with uneven, decorative surface ideally present in exclusive jewelry, creating a unique evening style.

Plastic beads of various shapes, in a very large range of colors, is the basis of handmade jewelry. Excellent, as a base, as the only element and as a connector for jewellery findings products for making jewelry are necessary to create unique, unique accessories.