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synthetic beads / caramballa

Decorative beads with cubic zirconia. Shamballa beads are extremely decorative, shiny and beautiful looking jewelry elements for example in the form of bracelets. These beads are studded with cubic zirconia, which perfectly reflect the light, thanks to which they look great in the form of bracelets, gently woven around the wrist. The most common models of shamballa beads are modular beads and beads . The former will help you make a beautiful necklace, the latter are perfect for creating a unique bracelet. In each case the beads will emphasize the beauty of the person who wears them, and also draw attention. Jewelry made of shamballa beads can be an elegant set for an important dinner or evening out. Jewelry with these beads will harmonize with an elegant dress or pugnacious stylization with leather elements. Beads with cubic zirconia will create a great necklace - their extraordinary beauty will emphasize the character of each creation. Beads come in many interesting colors. Each model is absolutely unique. There are no two identical beads. Some beads are covered with cubic zirconias in several colors, which more effectively captures their natural glow and charm.

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Shiny bracelets and elegant necklaces

Beads for shamballa bracelets can easily be combined with such bases as, for example, jewelry straps . Knowing a few nodes, you can conjure a bracelet, whose beads are wrapped in a leather sheath. Such a bracelet is an interesting combination of a natural element, which is a strap, with shiny beads. Shamballa beads also feel good in the company of other beads - you can also add one-color beads to the strap bracelet, eg smooth metal beads or white resin beads , full of grace and delicacy. Shamballa beads can also be combined with a colored string or chain. You can also combine them with small pearls - such a necklace will work both in everyday stylization and the big way out. Beads for shamballa bracelets have enormous potential and it is worth thinking about them, wanting to create a timeless jewelry.

Shamballa - beads full of light

Shamballa are beads that were created to add an extraordinary glow to every woman. You can make unique earrings with the help of jewelery shamballa beads. They can be hanging earrings, with additional elements in the form of tiny pearls, or earrings to be placed directly on the earlobe. In bracelets, beads can be combined with charms or other beads, for example in contrasting colors. In this way, unique jewelry will be created with character. Rhinestones in shamballa beads are high quality, permanently glued to the base of each model. A set with shamballa beads in the main role is a fantastic gift for a woman who appreciates unique jewelry.