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synthetic beads / plastic beads / one color

Plastic beads, acrylic beads are ideal for creating cheaper, but at the same time original jewelry, which will be a beautiful addition to many stylizations. However, their use may be much wider! You can create a variety of handicrafts in the form of chandeliers or curtains for windows or wall decorations in your apartment. Such decorations will surely diversify every interior and will take care of its unique atmosphere. So if you are a creative person who likes to create and design, try your hand with acrylic beads!

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The magic of colorful beads. Plastic beads are an excellent alternative to corals made of natural materials , as well as for glass beads . Beads in this category are primarily light, so you are wearing them without the impression of weighting the neck or wrist. These beads are also characterized by durability and high quality of workmanship. The number of ideas for ornaments from this type of beads is unlimited. This imagination tells you how to combine colors and shapes to create a unique and unique string of beads. The independent creation of jewelry will help you relax, realize your ideas, and create necklaces, earrings or bracelets that have always been dreamed of. Plastic beads will also be a very good gift for any girl who wants to develop her artistic talents. Beads will stimulate the child's imagination and enable the development of his hidden talents. Impressive and a long string of beads, thanks to the use of items from this category, will become full of charm, unique and original jewelry.

Plastic beads and acrylic beads cheaper

Acrylic beads are synthetic beads. They are light, comfortable to use and inexpensive, so you can easily afford them for any choice. Created for beginners, so that everyone can see what is made of hand made and try his various techniques.

Among them, the most popular are acrylic beads. Plastic beads will allow you to create beautiful jewelry in the form of chains, pendants, necklaces, earrings or hangers. You can be sure that each of your products will be unique and will delight many a friend. Your ideas will never end thanks to the huge selection of plastic beads. Particularly noteworthy are the acrylic diamond beads that catch the eye with a beautiful gloss. You can choose from a variety of shapes: round, teardrop or oval. Rainbow colors will allow you to create a thousand combinations, various designs and shapes. There are also those with ornaments and bicolours, as well as those only broken with a delicate streak in a different color. Particularly worth paying attention to ice and silver beads, thanks to which you will create an extremely elegant and toned jewelry, just right for the evening out.

Such a choice will allow anyone with a little skill to do something original and original. Plastic beads are well combined with various materials: wood or pearl, forming a coherent whole. With the right fasteners that you can use during the creation, such as clips, your jewelry will adhere well to the body and ensure comfort.