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Beads plastic beads

Plastic beads are very liked by most enthusiasts of creating jewelry. They are very light, which makes working with them easier. In addition, it positively affects the comfort of wearing jewelry, which was made with their use. In our store we have many types of plastic beads. Thanks to that, you will definitely choose something for every occasion.

For lovers of beadingu, who want to save on glass beads, it is a good idea to buy plastic beads . They are as shiny as glass, but much cheaper.

If you like richly decorated jewelry, caramballa beads is a product created for you. Large sized balls (8-12 mm) covered with many shiny zircons allow you to create many patterns of jewelry perfect for crazy parties. Earrings with beautifully shimmering caramballa beads will not let you disappear in the crowd!

In our offer you will also find plastic beads resembling with your color and the shape of Swarovski crystals. If you have great artistic skills, we suggest a curable mass, from which you will conjure up unusual decorations.


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plastic pearls

Beads plastic beads

Plastic pearls occupy a special place among enthusiasts and enthusiasts of all kinds of handicrafts, and above all when creating hand-made jewelry. In the end, nothing more will make women happy than a beautiful necklace, earrings or a delicate ring. Jewelry and other trinkets love not only adult women, but also little girls who appreciate her beauty already in the youngest years. What if you could create something like this yourself? And that's what beads of plastic beads are for !

Plastic beads are ideal for creating nice jewelry that will appeal to your loved ones. Most importantly, plastic beads are available at very cheap prices, cheap, so you will not have to limit yourself to just one type. They are characterized by exceptional lightness, but at the same time durability, thanks to which you will be able to enjoy your own hand-made product for many years, and it will still look like new. The pearl beads also have large openings, which makes them easy to thread. Just for people who just start their adventure with handicrafts.

They are available in many colors and shapes, which allows you to create really original jewelry for every occasion. Plastic beads are shiny, just like glass. You will also find Swarovski- like crystals . Perfect for a party or an evening romantic dinner. A wide range of colors allows you to create something both flashy, eye-catching, and toned, more elegant jewelry, depending on what fits your taste more. Beads can combine them with various accessories, as well as silver or gold semi-finished products. Moreover, plastic beads are suitable not only for jewelry making, but are commonly used in DIY products and decorations. Thanks to the possibility of such a wide application, they are a frequent choice of many women.

With a little skill, creativity and willingness you will certainly create something sensational. Beautiful jewelry and trinkets are within your reach!

Plastic beads wholesale

In our store you can buy plastic pearls in retail and wholesale packs. We also offer discounts and the possibility of free delivery.

Beads white beads

White pearls are the most popular pearls on sale, in addition to creating handmade jewelry from them, you can create various types of handicrafts including decorating walls, windows, rooms.