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TOHO® beads

Toho beads are seed beads from Japan, which gained fame throughout the world. A large diversity of shapes, colours and sizes makes these Japan beads ideal for making jewellery. We sale many kinds of Toho in a great price!

In order to use these glass beads, you need a lot of precision and finesse. However, if you use your imagination, Toho beads will allow you to make fantastic and extraordinary bracelets, necklaces or earrings. Beading (creating jewellery and other decorations with small, seed beads) is the perfect use for Toho beads. Everyone who is going to take up this hobby should search for a good shop with Toho beads because these products offer high quality for a low price. In our shop, you can buy these beads for the lowest price. We sell Toho beads in the most popular size 11/0, but you can find also the glass beads in other sizes. Toho beads are excellent not only for beading but also for soutache. Decorations made with this technique are exclusive and very expensive, but you can make them by yourself at little cost.

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TOHO® beads

TOHO beads are one of the most popular japan seed beads. They have perfect shape, each beads similiar to each other. Also colour of the beads and coating is the same on every bead. It is easy to use them they are very popular in beading. We sale TOHO beads in small 5g bags or 25g bags. 

Toho beads the most popular beads from Japan

Toho beads have been created since 1957 and are constantly popular. Although they are created in Japan, they also conquered European markets. Devotees of hand-made jewelry or embroidery love them for their perfect shape and beautiful colors. Toho beads are glass beads, and what distinguishes them from other beads is a much larger diameter. That is why they are used both to create DIY jewelery, but also to decorate napkins, tablecloths or embroidered applications.

Beads Toho 11/0

The most popular are round beads with a diameter of 2.2 mm, i.e. 11/0 toho beads. Thanks to the galvanisation process, they are extremely resistant to abrasion and mechanical damage. However, Toho forms with equal success beads of various shapes - triangular with triangular holes, cubic with a square hole, beads shaped like a teardrop or beads oblong. In addition to the shape of the beads, they may also differ in the finish, and their agents may be silver, opalescent, gilded, pearly or uniform. It is thanks to the richness of colors and shapes that they are eagerly chosen by those who love original, hand-made jewelry.

Handmade jewelry from Toho beads

Different shapes, different sizes and the way of finishing Glass Toho beads makes them appear on fashionable blouses, where they are finished with colorful applications or used to decorate a one-color embroidery. They are most often used for making jewelry.

Toho beads for bracelets

The smallest beads, about 2 mm in diameter, will prove useful when creating bracelets and ethnic style necklaces, where the most important is the number of beads and the richness of their colors. In turn, larger Toho beads can be nicely displayed on earrings or bracelets. Then, they are made of chains, durable straps or strings, and the beads themselves are emphasized by adding special spacers to the pattern.

It is also worth checking their competition. We recommend Japanese Miyuki beads and a cheaper alternative, glass beads.

How many Toho beads is in 10g?

The amount of Toho beads in a pack of 5 grams, 10 grams or 50 grams, depends on the size of the bead. So beads 6/0 will be about 150 items in 10 grams, 8/0 400 pieces, 11/0 are about 1040 Toho beads in a packet of 10 grams, and 15/0 are 2,600 pieces. The quantities given are approximate and may vary slightly depending on the color and method of galvanization. To find out how much is in the package 5gram or 50, simply multiply the given amount. In our store, we give the approximate quantity at each price.

TOHO beads is a term known to almost everyone. Small glass beads have been produced in Japan for many years, from where they are sent all over the world. Despite the fact that there are many companies involved in the production of this type of products, none of them can obtain the same high popularity and good reputation as the TOHO beads. Due to this fact, in many environments, especially among people involved in the creation of jewelry, they gained the name of treasures from the East.

What are Toho beads made of?

TOHO beads are made exclusively of glass in a wide variety of varieties. matte, transparent or shimmering in the light of different colors - each of a very wide range manages to match the beads ideal for each. Some of them, especially made of transparent glass inside, have a silver or gold plated layer, which gives them additional charm.

Shapes of TOHO beads

The basic shape is round beads, most often used both when creating jewellery as well as by fashion designers, but so-called tubes are also very popular. The range is complemented by hexagonal shaped beads that give the created jewellery a unique look. The second issue is the selection of their right size. TOHO has 4 basic sizes - 6, 8, 11 and 15. Their diameter is respectively: 4 mm for size 6, 3 mm for size 8, approx. 2.2 mm for size 11 and 1.5 mm for size 15. This is influence on the size of jewelry made of them as well as on the weight. Most often they are sold by weight, in packs containing one type and size of beads. Some sellers also offer so-called mixes, containing beads of different colors or of different sizes. However, the vast majority of buyers prefer to choose their own color and size, which is why they decide to buy beads with the same parameters.

Toho beads you can use in many diffrent ways you can join them with semi-precious stones, or jewellery findings, also it is nice to make bracelet with seed beads and glass beads