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TOHO® beads 11/0

Toho Beads  11/0 is the most popular size of the beads of the famous Japanese brand. The perfect, even shapes of all the elements in the package and large holes for threading attract many customers to the Toho brand. And those advanced and those just starting their adventure with beading. Beads are comfortable to use and allow you to create interesting jewelry designs.

Our shop offers Toho 11/0 beads in many different colors and designs. We sell beads with effects galvanized, opaque, inside color, transparent frosted and many others. In addition, we offer a wide range of colors, which include white, bright pastels, bright shades of yellow, dark green and violet, classic black. Beads can be freely combined to create amazing bracelets, earrings or handmade necklaces.

Toho 11/0 beads are distinguished by high abrasion resistance. This is especially true for beads with Permanent Finish coating, which we also have on offer. Jewelry made of these small beads will not only be effective, but also durable.

Check also other shapes of Toho beads. See our entire Toho beads category. Try them and create beautiful handmade jewelry.

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TOHO® beads 11/0

Beads Toho 11/0 have become one of the most popular products of this famous Japanese brand due to their practical small size and lightness. The main advantage of these small beads is their perfect even shape and size. In the whole package there will not be even one protruding appearance from the others, so you do not have to worry that the created pattern will be disturbed. You can easily slip subsequent pieces onto the thread, without fear of disturbing the harmony of the bracelet or other design.

Japanese beads Toho 11/0

A huge advantage of Toho 11/0 beads is their very large hole. On the one hand, this allows for several threads to be threaded through one bead. This allows you to create complex and exceptionally impressive compositions. Beads are therefore convenient to use and are suitable for both novice handmakers and experienced enthusiasts of beadings. On the other hand, the large hole inside the bead makes them extremely light. The made decorations are very comfortable to wear. In addition, it affects the profitability of the purchase - in one package there are more items than in the case of products of greater weight.

What distinguishes Toho beads is their high durability and abrasion resistance. This is particularly true for products with a Permanent Finish coating. Created with their use, jewelry will be able to delight the eye of the owner for a long time and catch the looks of her friends.

Toho round 11/0

Beads Toho 11/0 are available in many color variations and designs that will enrich and enliven any design. There are beads with a shiny galvanized effect, more matte opaque, phenomenal inside color, frosted banner and many other equally effective. Toho beads delight with a multitude of colors, from classic white, through bright pastels, to elegant black. We guarantee that you will be able to prepare bracelets, necklaces, earrings or other types of jewelry that will perfectly match many different creations, from jeans to evening dresses.

For the design we particularly recommend strong nylon threads and semi-finished products selected in a color to create the composition. Beautifully presented in combination with glass beads , diversifying jewelry. In our sale we also offer other Japanese Miyuki beads . We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the entire Toho collection. Let these tiny beads unleash the passion of creation!