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Jewellery wire- elastic wire, steel wire, cooper wire, aluminum wire

Wires and steel wire, elastic wire - jewelery base. Jewelry is not only beautiful beads, pendants or colorful glass. It is also jewelry wires and jewelry links, which are an indispensable base and allow you to create any type of bracelets, necklaces or earrings. Before starting the design work, it is worth equipping yourself with a set of cables and wires. They are durable elements, well protecting beads, and in addition a large selection of colors makes working with these elements a pleasure, and the possibility of creating new and unique models of jewelry will bring great joy to every person. Wires and cables can be modeled very easily, but they also work well as rigid links. That's why they can serve as a base for long earrings or round necklaces. The cables and wires are wound up with durable and comfortable plastic spools. Thanks to this, it is easy to keep order among them - they will not be tangled or self-developed, and in a chest with bases and prefabricated elements everything will always look clear.

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wires and lines

Jewelry wires and elastic wire, steel wire, spools - a wealth of applications

Steel jewelry links are a great material from which you can create beautiful earrings. How is this jewelry made? Just a few pieces of the cord (of different lengths) connect with each other and then thread selected beads. They can be pearls or extremely eye-catching millefiori beads. The beads should be secured at the bottom before falling out. In this way, the rise of beautiful, eye-catching jewelry. Copper wires for jewelry will allow to make necklaces in the form of hoops, that is, those that are thin, but stiff and display the pendants or beads placed on them very well. Just measure the right length of the wire and let your imagination run wild. On such a necklace, both individual pendants (eg precious stones, metal beads etc.) will look great, as well as beads shaped in a shape reminiscent of a beautiful bunch of grapes. Silver and gold wires are especially suitable for this, because these colors are most easily matched with other elements, such as beads.

Elastic bracelets and colorful pendants for phones

The phone pendant is still a trendy accessory that can also be used as a key ring. All you need is a jewelry wire, a string in any color and some beads. As a result, a beautiful little object will arise that will always bring a smile when you look at it. Wires are also suitable for making bracelets full of small pebbles or heavier beads. A flexible rope is a base from which you can create a beautiful bracelet. Thanks to the elastic cord, the bracelet can be easily adjusted to the circumference of the wrist. In addition, the link allows you to easily modify the item.