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Wooden beads for jewellery making.

Wooden beads belong to the most popular natural elements used for making jewellery. The beads aren't expensive and they have big holes, which makes the work much easier, even for beginners. They are suitable for boho style and ethereal, summer clothes. If ideas of eco-style and willingness to come back to nature are close to you, you should get interested in opportunities provided by wooden beads.

In our offer, you will find uni-coloured beads in many different colours such as white, pink, red, green, purple and many others. We recommend also multicoloured wooden beads. There are beads in many shapes: cubes, balls, ovals, rods and barrels. Wooden beads can be used for creating beautiful bracelets, necklaces and earrings. This kind of jewellery can be associated with traditional folk decorations. If you like the folk style and wooden jewellery, these beads are ideal for you! With the use of wood beads, you will create beautiful natural decorations and jewellery in the style, which is close to you. 

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wooden beads

Wooden beads have got hole around 2mm. They are natural beads, sale on 20 grams or bulk bags 500 grams. In our shop you have got different shapes of wood beads round, cube, oval. 

Beutiful wooden beads are primarily a fete of colors. In this category we find small, medium and large beads in many colors. Depending on your mood or preferences, you can create strings of beads in cold or warm colors. You can mix and match them in terms of colors and shapes. All catches are allowed! You can also develop unique contrasts, which will certainly prompt your imagination - strong fuchsia and turquoise, pinks with orange or subdued beiges and browns is a way to have an interesting set or a single piece of jewelry. Wooden beads for threading is a good idea for spending an afternoon with a friend or managing your free time, as well as an interesting hobby that can turn into a real business at any time.

Wooden beads and pendants - a set of jewelry for every occasion

Thanks to wooden beads and pendants, it is possible to create a unique set of jewelry, all of which will be consistent in terms of color. Pendants can function as a spectacular earrings or the main, most desolate element of the necklace. All you need to do is choose beads and pendants, as well as buy jewelery findings and start a passionate job. The effect will certainly charm anyone who looks at jewelry made of wooden beads. Coming up with individual compositions and choosing beads is not only fun, but also a way to deepen relationships with, for example, a child or a friend. Colorful wooden beads will brighten up every boring rainy afternoon and stimulate the imagination.

wooden beads for making jewelry

Wooden beads are used to create original handmade jewelry with a natural and boho style. Earrings, bracelets and necklaces made of wooden beads perfectly complement the summer, airy stylizations with romantic flounces, woven elements or fringes. We offer wooden beads in both natural colors, which are ideal for boho styling, as well as multi-colored and colorful beads that will enliven and distinguish spring and summer stylizations.

In addition to the entire range of different colors and shades, we offer a large selection of various shapes and forms of wooden semi-products for making jewelry, such as: balls, cubes or ovals, which will allow you to compose interesting and unique bracelets, earrings and necklaces.

If you want to create your own, interesting and original jewelry, and at the same time you focus on high quality and aesthetics of selected jewelry blanks, choose wooden beads that are perfect for creating unique handmade jewelry